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N E W S L E T T E R - No.2/2016

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Production of interview footage
Partners from Stoke-on-Trent and Latvia  produce interview footage, with Estonia, Faenza, Belgrade, Selb and Ulster. Interviewees have e.g. included general public, artists, youngsters, designers, industry workers, industry suppliers, curators and museum managers. (...read more)

The time has come to meet more enthusiastic and potentially new ambassadors for ceramics! Applications 
People have sent in their thoughts and impressions of their work for this years' Ceramics and its Dimensions - Future Lights competition. (...read more)

Future Lights Competition - Ceramics Ambassadors Bursary Programme
Staffordshire University has received a high number of exciting bursary applications from the winners of Round 1 of the Future Lights competition. (...read more)

Food on my plate Theme of food
Within Module 7 - organised by Potteries Museum and Art Gallery - partners decided that the Education Toolkit bases around the theme of food and a recipe based template is used. (...read more)

Module 10 partners met in Stoke-on-Trent
In December 2015, Module 10 partners met in Stoke-on-Trent to discuss ongoing plans for the Ceramics and its Dimensions: Skills Value and Place’ Congress in September 2017. (...read more)

Italy: Here we come! Even Philipp Rosenthal senior (1855-1937) dared to make a road trip from time to time which was extraordinary during this time. ©Porzellanikon, Rosenthal-Archiv Selb, Dauerleihgabe Oberfrankenstiftung Photo: Rosenthal-Archiv Prop Ceramic
Film film clips accompany the travelling exhibition "European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics – from Baroque until Today". (...read more)

Partner meeting in Italy
In a partner meeting one agreed that Ulster University will contribute to Module 3 providing architectural images for module database from Northern Ireland and Michael Moore for the Republic of Ireland. (...read more)

3D printing demonstration by Flemming Tvede Hansen KADK. Photo Priska Falin 2016 Call for entries
Shaping the Future module 6 concentrates on exploring the future dimensions of ceramics. (...read more)

Congress partner meeting
Module 10 congress partner examines the current status of venue availability for the congress as well as title and theme. (...read more)

Jonatan Kuna and Michal Veletruský, UMPRUM Praha Educational exhibition
The exhibition - focusing on Czech Cubism - will be prepared by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. (...read more)

Discussions about the Shaping the Future touring exhibition
Discussions are now taking place to examine the University Gallery and showcases as a venue for the Shaping the Future touring exhibition. (...read more)

Work of Šilar Lubomír - Horses (2008). Photo: Vilma Táborská Permanent exhibition
This exhibition is devoted to Lubomír Šilar. (...read more)

Publication of "On the Track of the Great Life. Graphic Language of the 1960s in Latvia"
The freshly published book is about design in Latvia in the 1960s. (...read more)

Catalogue Jindra Viková Publication of the catalogue Jindra Viková – Fleeting Moments
The catalogue was published on the occasion of the artist’s 70th birthday. (...read more)

Monograph about the Latvian artist Romans Suta
Romans Suta (1896-1944) is an renowned Latvian artist who worked in the culturally fulfilled interwar period. (...read more)

Talking Heads interviewees David Newey, Brydee Gillbard (top), Lisa Slinn and Freddie Priest (bottom) - photograph courtesy of Stoke-on-Trent Museums




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